Strap Clamp

Cord Clamp

Self-Squaring Frame Clamp

Model Special Features Packing
705   Working capacity: 4 Metres(13 Ft.).
  Width of band: 14mm (1/2").
  It is an adjustable framing clamp that let you "dial-in" the correct
   tension your project requires. After positioning the strap to hold
   any picture frame shape, or even to repair furniture or glue-up a
   model, turn the dial knob up to "lock in" the tension. Clamping
   pressure is exerted equally from both ends of the strap, eliminating
   distortion or shifting of the workpiece.
  Includes 7 clamping corners with 3 fixed angles to hold 90, 120 and
   135 degrees.
  Each pce. in colour box, then 24 pcs.
   in a carton.
  N.W.: 15.00 kg.
  G.W.: 16.00 kg.
  Meas.: 595 x 315 x 360mm (2.40 cuft).
706   Working capacity: 2 Metres (6.6 Ft.).
  Width of band: 8mm (5/16").
  Provides clamping flexibility and versatility on projects like picture
    frames, chair making and cabinet work.
  Includes 7 clamping corners with 3 fixed angles to hold 90, 120 and
   135 degrees. 
  Each pce. in blister card, 12 pcs. in an
   inner box, 4 inner boxes in a carton.
  N.W.: 9.00 kg.
  G.W.: 10.00 kg.
  Meas.: 670 x 375 x 345mm (3.00 cuft).
FC-2630   Clamps a frame any size from 127mm x 178mm(5"x7") to 660mm
    x 762mm(26"x30") and larger.
  Work with thick or thin frame moulding.
  4 molded reversible jaws fit into slots provide adjustable frame sizes.
  Clamps 4 corners at one time and applied equal pressure on all joints.
  Extruded aluminium tracks with glue resistant plastic jaws.
  Each pce. in colour box, 12 pcs. in a
  N.W.: 12.00 kg.
  G.W.: 13.00 kg.
  Meas.: 550 x 400 x 210mm (1.53 cuft).